Carl Stahl Evita Ltd - Wire Rope Consultancy

Carl Stahl Evita provides an independent wire rope consultancy service covering failure analysis and routine examination of returned samples. Each of our consultancy staff have more than 35 years of practical wire rope examination experience in industry sectors ranging from Oilfield through to manufacturing and construction.

We offer a range of services from visual examination and report through to full metallurgical analysis.

  • Full independent   wire rope analysis examination and report following failure.
  • On site analysis of operating conditions if required.
  • Termination failure analysis and report.
  • Full wire rope examination, analysis and report as part of a routine sample removal schedule.
  • Wire rope test to destruction.
  • Corrosion Testing  including evaluation using  Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
  • Wire fracture analysis using SEM.
  • Mechanical testing including hardness and Bend testing.

Please call  us on 0845 226 0819 for further details or email us on

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